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Visso Construction† is a full service construction and consulting firm.† We provide a wide variety of services from General Contracting to Consulting.†

Our expertise combines practical experience with innovative solutions to todayís wide variety of challenges. Whether it be structural, environmental, ecological, or logistical Visso Construction engages practical solutions for complex ideas.

Visso then translates the customerís ideas and dreams into reality. Solutions and Performance; the specialties of Visso Construction.


Buildings or Communities?

A building in the simplest sense is a structure; plain and simple.

At Visso Construction we prefer to build communities. A building integrated seamlessly into the environment in which functionality, purpose, and people interact in harmony.†

A high rise, a parking structure, a new mixed use facility; all have specific purposes, all have specific economic and business models, all impact the environment, and need to be successful.††

At Visso Construction we offer specialized consulting to fulfill your needs.

We insure the clientís needs are met over a broad range of parameters, business models and goals.

Visso Construction